FID 1020A+E

Total-Hydrocarbon-Analyzer for measurement of hydrocarbons in water

The Flame-Ionization-Detector 1020A+E is designed for the continous measurement of volantile organic carbons (VOC) in water. The main advantages of this analyzer is his precisious measuring even if the waste water contents particles or salt. A built in filter guarantees long operating time and little maintenance






  • Detection limit 0,1mgC/m3
  • FID-chamber heated up to 300 °C
  • No heated line is necessary
  • The sample flow and the strip air flow have only very little influence on the measurement
  • No foambuilding
  • Little dead-volumina
  • Detection of aromates (BTX) even if high concentrations of soluble hydrocarbons are in the sample (for example alcohols)
  • Little quantity of sample-water, zero-water and calibration-water is needed for analysis
  • Simple and clear operation of analyzer
  • Display of all important operation-parameters
  • Limit value is built in